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Biometrická čítačka s klávesnicou
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Frequency: 13.56 MHz + Bluetooth® (Low Energy)

Standards: ISO14443 types A & B, ISO18092 / Certifications: CE, FCC, IC & UL

Chip: MIFARE® Classic & Classic EV1 (4 kb), MIFARE® Plus® (S/X) & Plus® EV1, MIFARE® DESFire® 256 (1 fingerprint), EV1, EV2 & EV3 / STid Mobile ID® (NFC and Bluetooth® virtual card), Orange Pack ID

Functions: Read only CSN and secure (file, sector) / Controlled by protocol (read-write)

Interfaces: TTL Clock&Data (ISO2) or Wiegand output (encrypted communication option - S31) / RS485 outputs (encrypted option - S33) with SSCP® v1 & v2 secure communication protocols; OSDP™ v1 (plain) and v2 (SCP secure)

Reading distances: Up to 6 cm / 2.36’’ with a MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 or Classic card - Up to 20 m / 65.6 ft with a Bluetooth® smartphone (adjustable distances on each reader)

Power supply: 7 - 28 VDC / 330 mA/12 VDC max

Material: ABS-PC UL-V0 (black)

Color: black

Dimensions (h x w x d): 156.4 x 80 x 59.6 mm / 5.04’’ x 3.15’’ x 1.2’’ (general tolerance following ISO NFT 58-000 standard)

Operating temperatures: - 10°C to + 50°C / 14°F to 122°F

Resistance: IP65 - Weather-resistant with waterproof electronics (CEI NF EN 61086 homologation) / Humidity: 0 - 95%

The Architect® Blue biometric reader enhances the security of your access control system and provides strong multi-factor authentication by combining open MIFARE® DESFire® EV2 & EV3 technologies, a capacitive keypad and a fingerprint sensor.

The most awarded access control reader around the world

The reader allows the secure identification of users thanks to its multiple identification technologies.


The reader supports the latest contactless technologies with the newest data security devices:

? Secure Messaging EV2: transaction security that protects against interleaving and replay attacks.
? Proximity Check: protection against relay attacks.

It integrates recognized and approved security mechanisms such as public algorithms and an EAL5+ certified crypto processor to protect your data stored in the reader.

Bluetooth® and NFC smartphones

The smartphone* becomes your access key and erases all the constraints of traditional access control. STid offers 5 identification modes - Prox, long distance or hands-free - to make your access control both secure and instinctive!

Card Mode - by placing your smartphone in front of the reader.
Tap Tap Mode - by tapping your smartphone twice in your pocket for near or remote opening.
Voice Control - by using the voice command on your iPhone (iOS).
Remote Mode - by using your smartphone as a remote control.
Hands-free Mode - by simply passing in front of the reader.
Different possibilities of fingerprint management depending on your security needs:

? Fingerprint templates directly stored in the RFID card (CNIL French & GDPR European legislation compliance)
? Fingerprint templates stored in the system
? Card only mode with derogation at the card level (one-time visitor, difficult finger...)
? Smartphone with biometric unlocking or Smartphone only with derogation

Equipped with a backlit keypad, the reader allows multi-factor identification of users by combining the reading of an RFID or virtual card with the input of a personal keypad code.

Thanks to its different operating modes, the keypad can be used for identification or to activate additional functions (alarm...).

Advanced anti-fraud functions

The Architect® Blue biometric reader is designed to resist fraud attempts:

• False finger detection: the reader detects a wide range of counterfeit
fingerprints made of latex, Kapton, transparent film, rubber, graphite, etc.
• Detection of live fingers
• Duress finger: the admin can assign a finger number dedicated to authentication when the user is threatened.

Ultimate self-protection

The patented motion sensor pull detection system protects sensitive data by allowing authentication keys to be erased.

Unlike existing solutions within this market, the reliability of the accelerometer avoids potential system bypass.


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    Čítačky STid Architect Blue QR


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    Čítačky STid Architect Blue QR


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    Čítačky STid Architect Blue QR


    Čítačka QR kódov s dotykovou klávesnicou
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    Biometrické čítačky STid Architect Blue


    Biometrická čítačka
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    Obj. čislo: ARCS-D/BT

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Biometrická čítačka s klávesnicou


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